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Our Training:

The training has been developed to be an easily digestible module that requires a grade 10 education or equivalent to absorb.


It has been designed to be a 40-hour course that includes the content required by the Provincial Government for certification. Training also highlights “soft” skills to ensure the graduates have excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.


This 40-hour course also includes a 1-day training on CPR and First Aid. Part of the training will include extra study sessions to review material for the Ministry test and mentoring at the job until security guards feel comfortable to carry out work duties.

InfiniGuard will be set up with an explicit social mission to train and hire at-risk youth, women, and immigrants. The training fee is $250 and maybe waived under management discretion.

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Have you ever been convicted of an Indictable or Summary Offence in Canada?
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