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InfiniGuard Security is not just a security company; we're a social enterprise that stands at the forefront of community empowerment in Regent Park. With a mission to transform lives, we offer complimentary training and high-wage employment opportunities to at-risk youth, women, and new immigrants, helping them build a brighter future.

As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, InfiniGuard has established itself as a pillar of trust and a benchmark for security services within the Regent Park area. Our dedication to social impact and exceptional service delivery has been the cornerstone of our success.

Reason for Emerging:

“Regent Park has always been plagued by drugs and gun violence. Growing up in Regent Park for most of my life, the exposure to adversity led the inspiration to bring about change.


After establishing myself in the security industry and gaining over 10 years experience as a leader, I decided to create a social enterprise that will cater to the residents of Regent Park and other low income communities across the GTA.”


- Murwan Khogali, Executive Director

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